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Despite the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use and a tight labor market, Southeast Michigan employers remain sober in their stance on drug testing.

Employers have reached deep into the talent attraction quiver to find employees in a labor market where there are more job openings than job seekers, including higher wages, better benefits, and more, but relaxing drug screening policies isn’t on the table for most.

Many companies, such as utilities DTE Energy Co. and Consumers Energy Co., are under the directive of federal rules — marijuana is still considered a Schedule I narcotic under federal law and federal contractors are required to do drug screening for all narcotics — or safety liability has them reticent to remove screening. Others just aren’t ready to openly welcome drug users into their ranks. As a result, workers or potential workers in Michigan are failing employment drug screening for marijuana at an increasing rate. Some industries, such as retail and restaurants, have ditched drug testing to maintain a workforce, but most have kept policies in place post-legalization.