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Dan Keelan, Publisher of the Michigan Marijuana Report moderated a panel of cannabis experts as part of the Entrepreneur Support Track at this year’s IoT Tech Connect Conference at the Michigan Science center.

Since the passage of the first Medical Marijuana law 11 years ago to the passage of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act last fall, there has been a lot of misinformation and confusion. The panel was convened to bring more clarity to the conversation.

Participants included:

Anthony Sabatella, President is THC123. He has 10 years of experience working within the PEO Industry providing Human Resources Services and specializing in Workers Compensation and Risk Management. Anthony attended Alma College and uses his Business Administration and Economics degrees to offer the Cannabis Industry a fully outsourced HR model.

Michelle Donovan, an Attorney and Shareholder at the law firm Butzel Long, and co-chair of Butzel’s Cannabis practice group. Her areas of specialization are in real estate, corporate law, and trial litigation. She was recently appointed by the State Attorney General as a Macomb County Public Administrator to the Macomb County Probate Court. Michelle has a special focus on Medical Marihuana licensing. She obtained the first state license in Oakland County for a medical marijuana provisioning center.

Hong Lu, a managing partner in the firm GrowHouse Supply, working with entrepreneurs who are building out new grow facilities or upgrading their existing ones. GrowHouse Supply specializes in not only consulting with companies on all aspects of building and developing a very successful grow facility but also are able to secure the most technologically advanced hardware at very competitive prices. Hong has a long history of connecting US and Chinese companies to partner in areas including energy technology, transportation, and energy storage ventures.

Her company is currently consulting with an increasing number of businesses to design and secure hardware needed to build out grow facilities in the metro Detroit region.

Michael Thue, a Certified Medical Assistant and Member of the American Association of Medical Assistants. He is the CEO & Founder of Great Lakes Hemp Supplements, LLC and the Center for Compassion, LLC.  Michael founded the first 501(3)c Non Profit Compassion Center in Traverse City Michigan.

Michael’s works with patients, guiding them through the physician evaluation and certification process for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program.

Michael’s work in CBD Edibles resulted in him winning third place in the Best High Edible CBD Category at the 2015 High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver Colorado as well as a Best CBD Edible Crystal Trichome Award at the 2016 CannaQuest Expo.

Ryan Kingsley, cultivation specialist at GrowHouse Supply, with 10 plus years of experience covering medical marijuana products for grow facilities as well as related project management in the cannabis industry.

Questions from the moderator and from the floor covered such topics as:

Expectations of the new administration in Lansing as well as the technology driving businesses – HR systems to lighting, to health benefits of CBD, to the standards (or lack of such) in areas ranging from product testing to worker certification.

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